Secludere - 2000 Promo (Independent) - Back
I really do not know what to say about this promo. Usually I try to find the best part of the music and talk about that, but its hard to do that with Secludere's "2000 Promo." The music is so drawn out, slow, and recorded so horribly that the only way I think anyone would want to listen to this is if they wanted to go to sleep or just be plain bored. Maybe in the future they will get their act together and put something together that sounds decent, but for now this is not anything. Metal can be slow and still be really good. Good examples of that are Type O Negative, My Dying Bride and Evoken. None of which remind me of Secludere. If anyone is interested in checking out what I mean, go to to find out. I do not know what those sounds files sound like, but if they are anything like the tape I received you may make the same assumption as I did, and that is not good.

Rating: 11