Seirim - Kill.War.Chaos. (Cudgel Agency) - Back
A grinding and churning mix of death and black metal forms an evil presence throughout "Kill.War.Chaos." Seirim has created a sick mix of metal's darker genres and with the aid of an unpolished sound adds to the grotesque beat. Not every song was artery shredding but there was something positive in every song. The song "Morbid Animalism" is one of my favorite tracks along with "Time for Your Death." "Killing Elements" and "Beyond the Death" are great songs to end this disk. For the most par the band is pretty tight, but a few times a beat or a note might seem a little awkward, or slightly off-timed. My only true dislike was it seemed that at times the blast beat was over used. "Kill.War.Chaos." is the bands second full-length. I think the next album may determine if the metal hordes find out about this band, and turns them into someone known.

Rating: 71