Sentenced - Buried Alive (Century Media Records) - Back
The inception of Sentenced was in1989, and after 16 years of awesome music, they ended their writing career in the fall of 2005. After they released “The Funeral Album” I wasn’t expecting to see anything else come out with their name on it. I thought it was a perfect end for an amazing band. But now fans have one more chance to pick up something new with the bands logo on the cover. “Buried Alive” 2 CD set is a recording of Sentenced’s farewell concert. This also has been released in DVD form. The set they played was two-hours plus in length. They made sure that their final show was filled tons of great tracks. Yes, pretty much all your favorites are on the CD set, no need to list them. These guys really know how to rock! The DVD version has multiple extras including all seven of their music videos, behind the scenes footage, photos, interviews, etc. It was filmed and recorded by Klaffi Productions who filmed the bands video for “Ever-Frost.” These death rock or suicide rock legends have two gold albums in Finland “The Cold White Light” and “The Funeral Album.” The latter was verified gold on the night of their farewell performance. What a way to go out! Well once again I will say it, a well-fit end to a great metal band. This is the final chapter... they are now Sentenced to death.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins