Septik - Inception of Decay (Winterthorn) - Back
Debut albums sometimes show what bands are all about, but for most bands you have to wait for the third album to see if they will stay around. As I see it, Septik is in between those two groups because of what and how they play. The band has the death and thrash sound that at times reminded me of Sadus a little, but more of a death metal vain. Basically they are death metal with catchy riffing guitars; they are simple but effective. The majority of the songs are about what you would expect for a debut album. They are decent but lack the touches that bands have that are in the forefront today. Production for this CD is ok, but a little more polishing up could make “Inception of Decay” draw in more fans. They also may need to tighten up the bass with the guitars a little more, beside that the band work good together. There are seven tracks that last about thirty-five minutes. A couple tracks made this album a good effort, in my opinion. “Dreams In The Witch House” and “Eve Of Destruction” had a little more to offer then the rest of the album, beside the last song, which is a nice instrumental. Don’t get me wrong, there were some good parts in the other songs, but they weren’t put together like the previously mentioned. This was first I have heard of this band, and they did more on this album then I expected. Maybe we will see more from this band in the future, but hopefully with a little more fine-tuned sound.

Rating: 69