Septuagint - Meditation Among Demons (Independent) - Back
The Netherlands is the home of power thrash band Septuagint. I understand this is a promo disc, but if they tightened-up everything just a little bit, this would almost have the production of a full-length finished album; I was pleasantly surprised. “Meditation Among Demons” is filled with thrash and powermetal elements, and maybe even some more progressive sounds. There are many tight thrashy riffs to nod your head to. Vocals are respectable, not anything to write home about, but he can hit some of those higher notes that similar singers try to hit and fail. Septuagint has a nice flow throughout their songs, and I want to say they seem to have pulled some things from King Diamond. Not that they sound like King Diamond, but certain riffs and structures seem like something he would use either for himself or for Mercyful fate. This band takes much more of a thrashy approach than King Diamond. It can be hard to judge a band on just two songs, but they are both decent and are over six minutes each. “Meditation Among Demons” has definitely enticed me into wanting to hear more from this band, hopefully an EP or full-length will come out soon.

Rating: 74