Sepultura - Dante XXI (SPV) - Back
Over the years there have only been a few bands that have been as ferocious as Sepultura. It’s hard to believe that this band has been around for over twenty years! Their new disc “Dante XXI” is about an ancient book of about 800 years old… Dante Alighieri's “The Divine Comedy.” A concept album might not be what you expect from these guys, but what they have created here is the best thing since best things since “Roots” or maybe “Chaos A.D.” Some songs are tribal and beat driven, much like you would expect. However they turned up a notch on the violent side of their music. “Dante XXI” is angrier sounding; more ferocious. You can say that the music has a little bit more of a fresh sound to it as well. They made some elements more prevalent, parts that they usually keep at a minimum in most of their music. Stringed instruments other than guitars (orchestral), piano included, and I believe a horn too. Also some industrial beats are in the mix. What you will find most pleasing the ears are the thrashing guitars. They can get you right into the tunes. “Convicted In Life,” “City Of Dis,” “False,” “Fighting On,” “Ostia,” and “Buried Words” are all worthy of mentioning. Being that this is a concept album as you look down the track listing you will notice that songs have intros. These intros help add to the overall atmosphere to the disc, and are generally short tracks that set a mood before the songs that follows commences. Derrick Greens vocals seem to be his most strapping effort so far. Really, this is a step up in my opinion in “Green Era” Sepultura. Job well done guys!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins