Serberus - Our Dying Grace (Independent) - Back
When I first heard this CD it was hard for me to believe that Serberus was from the United States. The band is from Boulder, Colorado, not Gothenburg, Sweden which I initially thought. Serberus takes the best elements from the death metal bands from Scandinavia along with some black metal sounds and creates their own style of hybrid death/black metal. Every song is well written, produced and played throughout this disk. There are heavy catchy riffs in the vain of In Flames throughout this disk, but with even a little bit more of an edge, which I think their hint of a black metal influenced. "Our Dying Grace" starts off with an intro track that leads perfectly into the title track. "Dark Dream" and "Ancient Throne" are also outstanding tracks as well. Track five is a cover of the Destruction song "Curse The Gods" which is a great cover. Five tracks and nearly twenty minutes of music to impale your friends in the mosh pit with. There isn't enough I can say about this band. A big metal record label should pick these guys up quick, I don't understand why they aren't on a one now. Any fan of death or black metal will like "Our Dying Grace," and I wouldn't be surprised if your average metalhead liked it as well.

Rating: 96