Serpent – Art of War (Independent) - Back
Sweden is the home of the death/black metal band Serpent. They aren’t a regular death/black band, they also use elements of classical and thrash. The riffing style is very catchy and gets you into the band’s music. Some of the songs have some really cool solos too. Serpent has talent and potential, but “The Art of War” could have used some studio help. The sound does have an old school recording sound, which might account for the quality, but I think I would like to here this cleaned up a little. The songs are good at times and sloppy at others. Drum machines with black or death metal makes the music sound empty, this would be much better with a real drummer. The title track “Art of War” and “Panzar” are the tracks that got my head nodding the most, the other tracks are ok, but not really worth mentioning. If Serpent can get a record deal with a good metal label, they could start bashing some heads.

Rating: 69