Serpent Obscene - Serpent Obscene (Necropolis Records) - Back
This is the first full length album by Serpent Obsene and it is also self-titled. Its interesting how their music is put together. Its like across between a thrash band and a death band. Anyway you look at it is it fast and furious, and its pretty good to boot. They remind me of Witchery with a death influence, and it makes them seem more evil. Serpent Obsene has only been together since 1997, it's amazing how far a band can get in such a short period of time. There are 9 tracks on this CD that last about 28 minutes. The songs might not be long, but anyway you look at it, they still through a good punch at you. "Pestilent Seed (The Plague" and "Morbid Horror" are my favorite tracks on this CD. They definitely put those songs together the best. "Rapid Fire," "Evil Rites," and "Act Of Aggression" almost get to that level. The songs are pretty good, give them a little more time together, and on their next album, I'm sure they will get a hold of everyone's attention.

Rating: 76