Sevendust - Animosity (TVT Records) - Back
Some people say that the third album either makes or breaks a band. Sevendust, with their latest and third release "Animosity," have experimented with a little bit of a different direction, but still carry the heaviness from their first album, for an upgraded sound that still has some balls. These thirteen songs might not be the classics that I enjoyed when their first album came out but there are some moments in songs like "Praise" and the highly proclaimed "Angel's Son." "Angel's Son" was reworked for "Animosity" with a string section, and was quickly made for radio after the September eleventh attacks. A few other songs that I enjoyed on this fifty-six minute CD include "Trust," "Dead Set," and "Shine." The production of this disk is excellent and it was done by Ben Grosse who has worked with Fuel and Filter. I'm sure Sevendust will be doing extensive touring for "Animosity" especially after their over three hundred shows in eighteen month tour for their last album "Home." They like to play live and they do a good job at it.

Rating: 84