Sevendust – Best Of (Chapter One 1997-2004) (TVT Records) - Back
Wow, this is quite a selection of tracks. “Best Of (Chapter One 1997-2004)” is just that, a “Best of” Sevendust. All of these tracks are off their TVT Records discs. There are a few tracks from each of their albums and it’s broken up nicely. Every track on this CD is either a hit single or should have been. Sevendust is arguably the most vibrant of all nu metal bands. While having the famous catchy down-tuned riffs, they added a flavor that separates them from the rest. It could be the soulful singing of Lajon, instead of the norm with someone just screaming his or her head off for a whole song. Then they usually fake a singing vocal for some contrast. With Lajon you have someone that can sing or scream. The rest of the band are all good in their own rights too. Always creating riffs that are catchy or something that just rocks out! The only problem with this disc is that if you are a fan of Sevendust then you will probably have most of these songs already. “Black,” “Bitch,” “Angel’s Son,” you may even have some of these singles for these songs. But the bonus tracks should be able to entice the fans that already have all the full-length albums. Bonus tracks include B-sides or covers. “Inner City Blues” is a Marvin Gaye song and “School’s Out” is an Alice Cooper tune. “Waffle” is still one of my favorite tracks to this day; it has a Tom Lord-Alge mix on this disc. That’s something else for the avid fan. And of course Chino Moreno of the Deftones and Aaron Lewis of Staind are guest vocalist on “Bender” and “Follow”, respectively. If that still wasn’t enough there is an enhanced part of this CD that includes a video for “ Praise”.

Rating: 89