The Seventh Gate - None So Bloody As The Kingdom Of Christ (Satan Rock Records) - Back
Extreme death metal with bludgeoning, guttural vocals mixed with cries from a demon is the best way to describe The Seventh Gate. "None So Bloody As The Kingdom Of Christ" is the title of this album that is a shade over thirty-five minutes. They seem to have potential, they can write some head splitting riffs but the music seems to be of an inexperienced band. They also seem to be heading in the right direction, but the lack some precision. The production is decent, but the sound could have been a little cleaner. The eight tracks on this disk will get your head bobbing every so often as you get into their songs. Of all the songs, there are only a few that I think that are decent and they include "The Rubble Of Glory," "Mine Will Rise," and "Her Innocence." There are also a couple bonus tracks on this disk as well. There is nothing groundbreaking on this disk but it's a good start, The Seventh Gate has all the ingredients they need to make a pretty good fire.

Rating: 68