The Seventh Gate - Cheap Sex and Painkillers (Satan Rock Records) - Back
Here is a heavy, grind-infested death metal outfit from Virginia known as The Seventh Gate. This particular demo, Cheap Sex and Painkillers, drives with guttural grind while monotonously boring me with their clean-vocal near-alternative/dark rock approach. One thing I should mention: stick to one or the other! There are very few bands that can even remotely resemble two simultaneous styles of music, let alone perform them well. This is not the case with The Seventh Gate. The clean vocals don't work here. Most of the "guttural grind" is kinda mediocre too with very little reason to comment on anything except that these guys are trying. Perhaps I'm missing the whole point with this ensemble, but I can't really decipher any particular angle from which this band goes with their songs. I suppose it was meant to be portrayed as such. I for one, however, am just trying to stay awake through this one....

Rating: 35

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell