Seven Witches - Amped (Candlelight Records/Regain Records) - Back
Ever since the inception of Seven Witches in 1999 there has been many lineup changes, at least one per album. Joining the founder and guitarist Jack Frost (ex-Savatage) this time are drummer Jeff Curenton, bassist Kevin Bolembach (Non-Fiction), and lead singer Alan Tecchio (Hades, Watchtower, Non-Fiction). Seven Witches’ “Amped” continues to have the classic metal sound they are know for ripping. Nothing really to complain about, everything seems to be pretty good all-around. Soaring power metal vocals are like the combo of Matt Barlow and Bruce Dickinson. There is an assortment of nice guitar riffs that can get you right into some tunes. The music also has energy and vitality for most of this disk, but looses a portion when songs have more simple melodic choruses. Not all the time, but something to mention nonetheless. Another noteworthy mention is the unexpected cover of Billy Idol’s “Flesh For Fantasy.” Nothing spectacular but it’s hard to out do an original; it’s at least decent. My favorite tunes include “Dishonor Killings,” “GP Fix,” and “Fame Gets You Off.” Guitarist and founder Jack Frost also produced “Amped,” the 7th of his career. Overall this is more than a solid disc… I never seem to be disappointed by a release that includes Jack Frost.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins