Seven Witches - City Of Lost Souls (Crash Music) - Back
Originally Seven Witches’ “City Of Lost Souls” was not available in North America, but it is now! It has been re-mastered and includes a bonus track, as well as new photos. For those who haven’t heard Seven Witches, their style is akin to Helstar, Manowar, and Metal Church. The music is more developed than their original release “Second War In Heaven.” It’s heavier release then their first disc too. The guitars are all most thrashy sounding, with a stronger distortion sound. Overall more metal sounding and just plain heavier. Making the songs more appealing to me. I love that bottom heavy tone! Powerful singing vocals round out the band…not everything is perfect, but a rock-solid effort, even without hitting ever note perfectly. Similar mid-paced rhythms are used as a key element in Seven Witches’ music and Jack Frost’s familiar sound doing the solos aid in the listening pleasure. The bonus track is an industrial remix of their track “Pounding Metal.” A few tracks grab my attention “Atlantis,” “No Man's Land,” “The Answer,” and “We Are The Coven.” Eleven tracks and fifty minutes plus of traditional American metal. “City Of Lost Souls”…A classic metal disc!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins