Seven Witches - Second War In Heaven (Crash Music) - Back
Seven Witches’ “Second War In Heaven” is a welcomed re-release. Previously it wasn’t released in North America and has now been re-mastered with added bonus tracks. If you didn’t know, this is Jack Frost’s band; this disc shows where it all started. Stylistically speaking it is traditional American power metal. I know some people don’t like to classify things, but that should at least give you an idea of what they sound like if you haven’t heard them yet. This albums starts with an intro and ends with three bonus tracks that weren’t on the original release. The three bonus tracks are from the Seven Witches Demo. All three have the regular release versions on the CD too. Elements that you will like include the quality solos, rockin’ metal riffs, fast-paced shredding, strong singing vocals, and the basic metal riffing that ties things together. The choruses will get you into most tunes. “Camelot” got stuck in my head, that’s probably why I like it the most. Other good tracks “Dying Embers,” “In A Small Childs Room,” and “Metal Daze.” Track 8, “The Chain,” is a cover of a Fleetwood Mac song. Yes, I said Fleetwood Mac…it’s actually a good cover! With the three bonus tracks this disc now has fourteen tracks and over fifty-seven minutes. Check it out if it sounds like your metal tastes.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins