Severe Torture - Bloodletting (Candlelight) - Back
Dutch death metal band Severe Torture release a live album of sorts. “Bloodletting” is made up of fifteen tracks and over fifty minutes of brutal death metal. It’s not totally a live disc though. The first nine tracks are the live material, then there’s a cover of the Pestilence song “Lost Souls.” Finishing the CD is the previously unavailable demo material on the last five tracks. The demo stuff isn’t great quality but good enough you can thrash around too. I found myself head banging to many songs. Catchy galloping death metal riffs are mixed with speed driving blast beats and lots of bottom heavy riffs. Guttural death vocals are like Dying Fetus and the death screams like Cannibal Corpse. With the live material you loose the feel because the recording sounds good for a live disc, better than a number of studio efforts. The quality of the recording sounds is so good sometimes it doesn’t sound live anymore. I’m fairly unfamiliar with Severe Torture but this live CD would put hair back on a dead man.

Rating: 74