Sheavy - Republic? (Rise Above Records/Candlelight) - Back
Canadian quartet, Sheavy, are back once again with a new disc. “Republic?” is their latest and they continue their Sabbathy sound on this disc. Super catchy stoner rock or doom metal depends on what you call it. The vocals still are comparable to Ozzy, but if you know this band, you will notice the subtleties that separate him a little. Taken as a whole, this album is more badass sounding that ever. You will find yourself groovin’ to the music on every track. Helping out Sheavy with production is Billy Anderson, who has also worked with High On Fire, Orange Goblin, and Melvins. These eleven tracks will keep you entertained for over fifty minutes. First-rate tracks include, “Hangman,” “Standing At The Edge Of The World,” “A Phone Booth In The Middle Of Nowhere,” “The Man Who Never Was” and the my favorite track “Revenge Of The Viper Three.” All of the other songs are at least decent; some are still pretty good. I’ll tell ya…Sheavy keeps getting better and better. Plain and simple…this band rocks!!

Rating: 89