Shrine of Scars - Violence is the Answer (Disfigured Records) - Back

"Violence is the Answer" for California-based death/thrash outfit, Shrine of Scars! Bringing together forms of early thrash and death metal with more modern forms of aggression would seemingly be a diabolical metal relic. Well, it certainly is a mean sound. Some tracks include "Reflection of Human Wreckage", "Divide. Dissect. Destroy.", and "Strangled by the Hands of Fate" to name a few of the highlights therein. There are definitely points where Shrine of Scars remind me of Death or Pestilence, and there are also times where they remind me of Scum-era Napalm Death or Cephalic Carnage. I suppose then, you get the picture if you've heard these other bands. Anyways, these guys don't really present anything real fresh. They do, however, keep some key thrash elements alive in their music – which I admire. I really like some of the more crunchy, groovy riffs and I also find the solos very essential in the maze of aggression being served. Maybe if they displayed this combination more so, Shrine of Scars would be an even bigger element in the metal underground. They're on the right track. These guys are certainly worth checking out for thrash, death, and even metalcore fanatics!!

Rating: 75

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell