Shrine Of Scars - The Knife (Mindfire Records) - Back
Shrine Of Scars disc “The Knife” is a speed/death metal combo with an old-school grind almost punk tinge. The disc is a violent and pissed off attack with a take no prisoners attitude!

Their influences are many with a host of bands they give credit to have shaped their sound. Dark Angel, Death, Sadus, Pestilence, Kreator, Bathory, Gorguts, Napalm Death, and Malevolent Creation are an excellent group of bands to be modeled after.

Speed and thrashy riffs decorate this CD like a splattering of blood from a gunshot to the head. A few brutal riffs make you wish your were in a pit hitting some people. Drums blast along with the guitars keeping a vigorous tempo. Growling death vox are this bands choice pick. I wonder if Dave Leyva, the vocalist, gargled with tacks and broken glass before he did his parts. Sick vocals!

This CD was recorded in 2005. Bart Thurber was on the board for the production at the House of Faith studio in Oakland, CA. As the band says it was a “live” analog recording where no computers were used. That’s a great way to get a raw touch to the music.

Shrine Of Scars aren’t going to win anything for the song length, five songs and a tad of seven minutes. But they are sure to win over fans that like their music short and to the point while blasting everyone in sight.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins