Sic Seed - Demo 2003 (Jagermusic/Sinternational Records) - Back
Sic Seed is a 3-piece band from Virginia with some sickening taste... whence the name! This 2003 demo is a 3-song experiment, which explores mostly grinding death metal, but also delves into some metalcore. These guys have already made their mark at the New Jersey and Milwaukee metalfests and have shunned quite a few 'zines as well. I haven't exactly been "shunned" by this very short demo, but I can vividly imagine hearing something very interesting with a more lengthy and daring release. Some of the riffs remind me of a band like Cataract or As I Lay Dying, and others are a little more like Lamb of God or Sick of It All. With all guttural/metalcore-type vocals, I suppose a number of bands could be thrown into the equation. Anyways, throw these guys a bone! Sic? Yeah, somewhat. I would rather say.... Not quite Sic, but with a slight fever.

Rating: 70

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell