Siege Of Hate - Subversive By Nature (Candlelight) - Back
From Brazil comes a grind/hardcore band named Seige of Hate. Personally, I’d say they sounds like Soilent Green, SOD, and Napalm Death but I’m sure there are a bunch more. Think speed, thrash, and grindcore with punk/hardcore esthetics. This CD is filled with short songs, speed-thrash type riffing, inspired by Terrorizer, Napalm Death, and Brutal Truth. “Subversive By Nature” is not really death metal, but you can hear influences. There are parts that remind me of early death metal. Most riffs just shred, a few slower paced riffs are mixed in but are generally on the longer tracks. The slow tracks do refresh the album instead of having nonstop insanity throughout the disc. If there weren’t a few alternating riffs it would be nothing but a barrage or wall of sound. The vocals remind me of Max Cavalera at times…hey they are from Brazil. It works well for their style. Overall there are a bunch of average songs with a few highlights, “Obscene Truth,” “Forthcoming Holocaust,” and “Martyr Of Fools.” Many of the tracks weren’t really long enough to get into, or if you got into it, the song was already over. With twenty tracks and a little over thirty minutes there is bound to be much more on this disc for fans of grindcore and to a lesser extent hardcore.

Rating: 74