Silencer - Kozmos (NTT Records Group) - Back
Hailing from the state of Colorado, Silencer takes eighties metal and gives it a nineties touch. This powerful album is filled with great heavy metal riffs reminiscent of Iced Earth or Nevermore. But their music is a little more raw then Iced Earth or Nevermore. This EP, Kosmos is a five songs long and it lasts nearly twenty-one minutes, enough time to get into this CD, and make you want to listen to it again. "Mourning Star" starts this CD off and it really takes off. This song really gets you into this CD, a great song to start off with. The third track is a minute ten second instrumental that leads you into "Missing Hope." This song reminds me a little of Pantera and old Metallica, so this may be where the rawness comes in, that I aforementioned. "Industrial Command" is the last song on this CD, and trust me when I say that this is the most dimensional song on this CD. For that reason alone, "Industrial Command" is my favorite song on this CD. Not to mention there is a great solo in the middle of this song. Anyone that is into thrash metal, and that doesn't mind a touch of powermetal, and a whole lot of balls, this band is for you. Check them out!

Rating: 86