Sinckwhole - Cease To Exist (Independent) - Back
Hailing from Normal, Illinois, Sinckwhole has released their debut album "Cease To Exist." The vocal style is very similar to Phil Anselmo of Pantera and every so often it is somewhat like Jonathan Davis from Korn. I guess you could say, kind of a mix between Pantera and Korn, but definitely more to the heavy side of hardcore. Track seven, "Socket," gets extremely heavy at the end but at the beginning it has a relaxed chorus. These guys have potential in being an extremely heavy band. They can create riffs that can bring a house down. If they get a chance to have some expert studio help, they could become a well known band in the metal community. They have already played with Chimaira, Factory 81, Ill Nino, and Lungbrush and I'm sure more and bigger bands in the future. My favorite track on this disk was "Brightlight," while "Sodom," "Desist, ".A.M:.M.A.," "Socket," and "Orchid" were decent and included some really good riffs. Hopefully they will becoming out with another CD soon, with more intensity and charisma.

Rating: 78