Skepticism – Farmakon (Red Stream) - Back
Just when most may have thought darkness had no deeper or blacker of a hole to delve through, Skepticism then arrives with "Farmakon". Farmakon, the 3rd Skepticism release, is without a doubt as relentlessly painstaking as their previous two albums (Stormcrowfleet and Lead & Aether). Maintaining the balance between melody and tragedy with epic funeral dirges often reaching into the 15 minute range, and creating slow, sonic atmospheres that would only be peaceful if you were 3 feet tall, had greyish-eyes, lived in a cave and were called "Gollum". Of course, Skepticism takes nothing away from a certain special listening pleasure called atmospheric funeral doom metal!! My favorite track on this album would be the 12 minute opus entitled, "Nothing"... which is in essence (in my opinion) the great back-bone of the album. This one reminds me of a slower My Dying Bride with a Morgion melancholy, but a true Skepticism atmosphere. So, liven your spirits in anticipation because it'll be the only shred of light you'll bear.....

Rating: 82

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell