Skin Krawl - Power Rock (Independent) - Back
Sometimes there is something in metal bands music that gets you going. You hear the guitarist start playing and your head just starts nodding. It's like a metal groove takes over your body. Skin Krawl is one of these bands. They hail from South Carolina, and some people think, "Oh great another 'Southern Rock' bad." Skin Krawl is not just one of those "Southern Rock" bands. They have that metal groove that gets you going. Something like a cross between Danzig, Galactic Cowboys, and a touch old Metallica. The one band that comes to mind, that is somewhat unknown, that is the closest to my knowledge, is Midian. They hail from Wisconsin, which shows you that these guys aren't your average "Southern Rock" band. Groove driven metal is all over. Every song has that groove that gets you head banging. There are 9 tracks on their CD "Power Rock" which lasts over thirty-five minutes. My favorite tracks on this CD are tracks number seven and nine which are called "Sweet Darkness" and "Earth," respectively. "Sweet Darkness" is a slow groove driven song and "Earth" is heavy thrashing song, this shows the dynamics of this band. It seems that this band has a good following in Pennsylvania, as it spreads up the east-coast. WPRS 91.1 in Westmifflin, PA at number nine in the first week of airplay. When a band starts off at number nine in the first week of radio, it almost always ends up as a number one. Skin Krawl's CD has been out since late May, but don't be ashamed you haven't hear them. Go check them out on the web at There is sound files you can listen to, read a biography on them and even contact the band. Check out their site and you can decide for yourself how much you like them.

Rating: 79