Skitzo - Got Sick! (Independent) - Back
Yes, the bands name is "Skitzo." After you hear their music you can see why, and if your lucky enough to see them live you will see why in person. Before I listened to the CD, I looked at their bio and information they sent to me, and I thought to myself that these guys are gonna be another one of those crappy psychotic bands. It is not like that at all. These guys have some great songs, and all of those songs seem to have some really catchy riffs. These guys know how to put together an entertaining CD, with their hilarious out takes, crazy lyrics and some great riffing. Songs like "Gates Of Hell," "Monster Stomp Intro," "Decapitated Head Parade" have great riffs, crazy sound effects, and lyrics, and also good songs. The majority of the album had this profile. There were also some songs that stood out for me. "Kill With A Vengeance," "POA - Prisoners Of America," "Class Dismembered," "Insane Empire," were all great songs, even if you don't like crazy antics in metal, these songs are great. Their sound is truly elusive to me, anywhere from Scatterbrain to Strapping Young Lad to Green Jelly, good metal with a crazy tinge. They also did a crazy rendition of "Cars" that was originally done by Gary Numan. I had fun listening to this CD, there was always something on this disk to keep you entertained. There are 24 tracks on this CD and it last for nearly 70 minutes. If you feel like you want to find out more about this band go to their website at You definitely will have a new look at metal after you listen to their music.

Rating: 84