Slave To The System - Slave To The System (Spitfire Records/Eagle Rock Entertainment) - Back
I’ve always thought it was cool when band members from multiple bands get together to create a new project. Slave To The System is a hard rock or modern rock band with members from Brother Cane and Queensryche. Drummer Scott Rockenfield is from Queensryche and Kelly Gray used to be in Queensryche. Daymon Johnson who does vocals and guitar for the band is also in Brother Cane along with Roman Glick who is the bassist for both bands. Scott Heard is also in Slave To The System and he shares guitar and vocal duties with Damon Johnson. As I was listening Audioslave came to mind along with STP and Soundgarden. There are twelve tracks lasting nearly forty-eight minutes; everything is three to five minutes and is convenient for radio play. Which is good since this seems to have a lot of radio potential. The songs have that radio presence. Aggressive riffs can be found on the CD but most is mid-paced and uses melodies throughout. The acoustic songs aren’t bad, they just aren’t as lively as the other songs, but still can carry the passion and feeling as needed. And as a surprise to me, the vocals have a similar approach to Chris Cornell or Layne Staley. This self-title disc kind of reminds me of a mix of things, different songs have their own feel. Within three weeks the band wrote and recorded the album. You can chalk that up to experience. If this album had a little more energy at times I could find myself liking it a little more.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins