Slave Zero – The Defiant Stand (Independent) - Back
“The Defiant Stand” is Slave Zero’s debut album. This thrash metal band from Kilkenny, Ireland uses death influences as well as a mix of others. The nine tracks and over forty-eight minutes of metal are reminiscent to Kreator, Slayer, old Sepultura, old Metallica and maybe a little Death. They did have a cover on the disc of “Zombie Ritual” originally by Death. It shows that the band has very strong roots and is multi-influenced. That explains the amount of catchy riffs, even if some riffs might be considered a little immature. They slow down the flow of a few tracks; I also noticed that they have a few week transitions, both signs of a new band getting their feet wet. Slave Zero has a good deal of promise in their song “I Defy” as well as “Prejudice Breed” and “Soldiers Fortune.” For the majority of the album, most riffs are crisp but a few don’t seem as tight. When the band plays without distortion, they need to tune their instruments better. If they didn’t switch to non-distortion you wouldn’t notice if their instruments are off. Production isn’t bad, but with a little help, it could improve on some of the bad points. I really don’t know what my overall opinion of Slave Zero; it has some nice points and some bad points. I guess I will wait to see what their next CD has to offer.

Rating: 62