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This still remains in my opinion to be the BEST Slayer release ever! Gutsy rhythm guitar frenzies and solos along with Tom Araya's screams plus Dave Lombardo's insane beats behind the drum set. The whole songwriting issue in regards to the anti-Christ was just a gimmick for Slayer the lyrics not to be taken literally (they are NOT Satanists).

Thrash Metal at it's best there isn't a track on here that doesn't simply rule! If you've never heard this album check out these songs "Angel Of Death", "Raining Blood" and "Jesus Saves" for starters. This release is one that you can play out and never get sick of (well as the case is for me). The guitars are lightning fast and solo guitar work is simply insane!

When this came out Slayer was viewed as a Satanic Thrash Metal act which was the persona it seemed like they wanted to be characterized as. But in reality the songwriting on this release is like I said just a gimmick. But the music is amazing! Both Hanneman and King show their talent as lead guitar player undoubtedly. Though when you open up the insert and it reads "Solo: King or Hanneman" it's because Jeff didn't want his solos to be confused with Kerry King's. Not to say that King lacks in this department but Jeff is a little more technical on lead.

I think that this is one of the best Thrash Metal albums ever to be released. It deserves honorary mention and to be listed as a sure Classic Thrash Metal release. No band before them was able to come up with such an amazing release at the time (1980's) even though Metallica of the 80's was also an outstanding Thrash Metal act before they went sour and abandoned their Thrash Metal Roots.

Suggested downloads before purchasing this release are again: "Angel Of Death", "Raining Blood" and "Jesus Saves". Prepare for some serious Thrash Metal played at amazing tempos!


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