Slayer - Show No Mercy (Metal Blade Records) - Back
Quite a gutsy debut each track on here deserves praise really since at the time Slayer was pretty new at the Thrash Metal genre. Of course the production sound could've been a bit better but overall the mixing was good.

Slayer's Satanic imagery in their beginning career in Thrash Metal was just a gimmick not to be taken literally in terms of the lyrics. The music is phenomenal for a debut kind of like Metallica's "Kill 'Em All" but in my opinion not as good as theirs. You'll find every track to be unique as did I especially when I first heard the album maybe a good 15 years ago.

Tom's vocals range from a hoarseness mixed with screams so it's not all just one monotonous bout of just heaviness or screams. Slayer being new with the music as I mentioned were also pretty new to the lead guitar playing. You'll still find Hanneman more technical on lead and King just a little bit sloppier.

Tracks to check out first and foremost would be "Black Magic", "Die By The Sword", and "The Antichrist". Those to me are their best tracks even though the others as I mentioned still rule! I would not get freaked out by the lyrical content as I said Slayer made note of it too that they are not Satanists and that the lyrics are a gimmick.

Over 30 minutes of some intense Thrash Metal. The mixing/production done by Slayer was decent not their best but still good. To me this is still a classic in the genre of Thrash Metal and deserves an honorary mention because it to me was entirely original music wise.


Reviewed By: Death8699 -