Slayer - South Of Heaven (Def Jam Recordings) - Back
Follow-up from the classic "Reign In Blood" I'd have to admit that when I first heard it years ago I didn't much care for it at all. They slowed down a helluv a lot here but after many listens to I began to like it. At first, I didn't even think that Slayer would put out such a slower release but of course I was wrong on that part.

The title track intro ("South Of Heaven") is quite slow but still original sounding as are the vocals. Lombardo's drum display is good but as I mentioned it's much more of a "moderate" Slayer release. The songs to download would be "Silent Scream", "Ghosts Of War" and "Spill The Blood". A good cover on here is of Judas Priest's "Dissident Aggressor". Very well job Slayer did on this song.

The production to this release was decent everything mixed together pretty well thanks to Andy Wallace and Rick Rubin as producer. If you like Thrash Metal that's more mellow not entirely but overall then this release is for you.

Nothing Slayer has put out now and then has been better than "Reign In Blood". But "South Of Heaven" still a unique array of songs just not as aggressive as it's predecessor. Check out those tracks that I mentioned if you've never hear this release. I'd say it's still a classic in the genre of Thrash Metal.


Reviewed By: Death8699 -