Slik Helvetika - Slik Helvetika (Screamin’ Mimi Records) - Back
When playing this disc I wondered if this was going to be of any real metal value. Well Slik Helvetika is metal, but being of value I guess would depend on the listener. It’s the eighties metal sound with the modern metal crunch. Anything from Motley Crue to Quiet Riot and from Zakk Wylde to Manowar comes to mind. Mikall Myers does all guitars and vocals. He definitely knows how to handle the guitar; I just wish he would concentrate on them and leave the vocals duties to someone else. The high note he hits with the vocals got to me after a while. It’s not always hit, but when he does, its like nails on a chalkboard. The rest of the vocals are listenable. Mikall’s guitar style is very thrashy, yet it has the eighties cheesy guitar squeals. A lot of simple riffs offset the leads and solos, which are the best elements on this disc. Another element to his style is the rawness of the lead guitars, they are more raw sounding than the rest of the band. One last thing you might expect from a band like this is a ballad. Slik Helvetika does take an attempt at an eighties ballad, it’s alright, but nothing to write home about. This self-titled CD lasts for fifteen tracks and almost fifty-four minutes. Overall, the music is pretty good, but nothing really was all that appealing to me. I guess this isn’t really my cup of tea.

Rating: 69