The Lord Weird Slough Feg - Atavism (Cruz Del Sur Music) - Back
An interesting name for an interesting band… The Lord Weird Slough Feg has been around for quite some time. For those that don’t know, they relocated to San Francisco in 1990. After a few demos in the early nineties they released their first disc in 1996, which was a self-titled debut. Now nearly 10 years later they release Atavism, with an extremely alluring sound. The variation in their songs keeps their songs appealing and original. I found that this album should really be listened to as a whole so that you can appreciate the true feeling. Otherwise you may feel that the songs are to short or the instrumentals may get in your way. The only thing negative I saw was a certain aspect of cheesiness. Not that it’s cheese metal or anything like that, but there is a little bit of a weird vibe, that’s it. It shouldn’t really matter to you though… I mean come on; the band is called The Lord Weird Slough Feg! They are different sounding than any band but are sometimes similar to Iron Maiden and Blind Guardian with their classic metal sound. Every listen this disc will grow on you because of songs like “Hiberno-Latin Invasion.” It has amazing melodic harmonies. They can really make those guitars sing! WOW!! Other choice cuts include “I Will Kill You/You Will Die,” “Atavism,” “Agnostic Grunt,” and “Starport Blues." Don’t be afraid to check this one out!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins