Sodom - M-16 (SPV) - Back
The mighty German thrashers, Sodom, are back with another tantalizing CD. Their latest CD is called "M-16" and they still have the power and fury like they always have. The band continues to be loud, tough, troublesome, and totally committed. Sodom has prepared eleven tracks and forty-nine minutes of music to celebrate their twentieth year of existence. The songs on this disk get stuck in your head they are so catchy. "Napalm In The Morning" is a great songs influenced by the band's travel to Southeast Asia, including Thailand and Vietnam. Other good songs include "Among The Weirdcong," "Minejumper," the title track "M-16," "Lead Injections," and another one of my favorites "Marines." Sodom ends the disk with a cover of a song by The Trashmen called "Surfin' Bird." Even though it's a weird song, the way Sodom plays it seems as if it was written to be played as a metal song, it's a great cover. After all these years the band continues to be strong, hopefully they can keep it going because I can't get enough of these metalheads.

Rating: 89