Soilwork - Stabbing The Drama (Nuclear Blast) - Back
Well, it’s hard to believe that it’s already been seven years since Soilwork stormed onto the scene. Now the band is releasing their sixth album, “Stabbing The Drama.” Many metal heads were upset when Soilwork messed around with their sound. But the fact still remains that they still write awesome music, its just not as heavy. I do however believe they lost a little of the intensity that once got them noticed in the first place. They still have the Swedish death mixed in to their style along with a less extreme and more rhythmic approach. Clean singing vocals during certain choruses are like what some hardcore bands carry out. As always, the band has riffs that makes your head nod in a violent motion…be careful when head banging to this album. You can find these riffs in every song. There are tracks that have radio potential and are probably being played on many rock stations across the world. Bands such as Soilwork may help get other bands that are more extreme to eventually be played on the radio waves. Various parts are just to mellow or create too much contrast resulting in a few stagnant pieces. However, there is not one bad track on this disc, everything is at least decent. My favorites are many and include the title track, “One With The Flies,” “Nerve,” “Distance,” “Blind Eye Halo,” “Wherever Thorns May Grow” and on top of that list would be “Stalemate.” Why do I like it the best? It’s very simple… it kicks the most ass!! So get off your metal ass and check out “Stabbing The Drama.”

Rating: 84