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Welcome to the world of Solace of Requiem. In late 2004 their self-titled debut album was released with the brutality and raw technicality, like early Immolation. Their song structures are somewhat like Morbid Angel; they aren’t afraid to change things up. When you listen to this debut, you can tell these guys know classic death metal. Think of Immolation, Incantation, Morbid Angel, and maybe a little Death, especially during the solos. Solace of Requiem has quite a selection of worthy death metal riffs. It sounds like late eighties death metal, but this was recorded in one ten hour session. The recording quality is alright, but there is a certain rawness to this CD. I wonder what this would sound like if it had superior production like something from Century Media or Candlelight Records. Being that this is their first album, I’m not worried that they sound a little immature. Don’t get me wrong; these guys have lots of potential. I repeated thought that I was listening to the one of the previously mentioned bands. It’s more that the first half of the CD seemed more developed than the second half. Of the over forty-seven minutes and ten songs there was a bunch of decent efforts, including “Beyond Grace,” “Trials,” “Deceiver,” “Stir of Echo,” and the cover of the Grave song “I Need You.” As you can see, most tracks are at least decent and the quality riffs are numerous. This would be hard to get bored with; old school death metal fans will devoir this disc.

Rating: 74