Solekahn - Suffering Winds (Imperial Maze) - Back
France is the home of the death metal band Solekahn. They are death metal but they also seem to have some grindcore and black metal influences as well. Their songs are shorter and more chaotic like a grindcore band, but some of the songs have a sound reminiscent to old school black metal. It might be on part of the recording quality, but the speed and style is definitely extreme. "Suffering Winds" is the title of this eight track, eighteen minute CD. But, only six tracks are songs, the first and last tracks are clearly an intro and an outro, or just something to take up space. They aren't even interesting sounds, just repetitive and boring. The songs on this CD are generally fast and furious accentuated by their blast beats and screaming guitars. A few tracks that are a little more spine tingling include "In Dementia" and "Arena," both songs posses energy like Incantation or Marduk. Not a bad effort for Solekahn, maybe if they extend the songs a little longer, and take what they have learned from the road, they could make their music better.

Rating: 70