Sonic Syndicate - Eden Fire (Pivotal Rockordings) - Back
Well... what appears / sounds like just another Gothenburg-style melodic metalcore band. This, however, would be an absent-minded assumption. Sonic Syndicate, first of all, consists of six members and all of them are under 24 years old (the youngest is guitarist: Robin Sjunnesson, 17). Secondly, one would presume some sloppiness among such youth. Wrong! They are actually as sound as bands like Scar Symmetry, In Flames and Soilwork. They are certainly in the same league, musically. Now some would say- so what? I say, imagine them at these other bands' ages in due time. There are tons of melodic harmonies, keyboards (utilized very neatly and adequately), awesome Anders Friden-style vocals (with some deep-guttural growls from time to time), some beautiful female vocals, and then a professional sound. The only thing missing here are guitar solos, but even a solo isn't always needed to make a good band into a great band. To make a long story short, this is a helluva debut!! Eden Fire consists of 10 tracks, which are split up into 3 parts and leaves you about 40 minutes of ferocity. I suppose fans of the aforementioned bands would appreciate this and I recommend Sonic Syndicate to all!! Watch for this extreme band worldwide...


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell