Sonic Syndicate - Only Human (Nuclear Blast Records) - Back
Founded only five short years ago in 2002, Sonic Syndicate has brought together US metalcore mixed with their native Swedish sound. “Only Human” is the bands second full-length and seems to be more metalcore influenced than Swedish style bands like Soilwork and recent In Flames. The band has various melodic parts even including emo-like choruses. Melodic Swedish metal for the most part.

On these eleven tracks you will find clean and raspy vocals switch back and forth all the time, maybe a little more clean is used, along with catchy melodic riffage, much in the vain of the aforementioned bands, and some parts seem close to being typical rock radio riffs.

I was surprised how much Sonic Syndicate has the ability to sound like In Flames and Soilwork. They could probably write a whole album that sounded nearly exact to those band’s recent creations. The metalcore traits seem to set them apart, but also give them a sound that isn’t quite as appealing either. “Only Human” could be oversaturated with the ‘core sound in my opinion. But that could be me as well, I almost always prefer a pure Swedish death sound, over typical metalcore riffs these days.

Sonic Syndicate recorded “Only Human” in Black Lounge Studio (Scar Symmetry, Centinex, Katatonia World Below) in Sweden. Produced by Jonas Kjellgren (once was Carnal Forge’s lead vocalist, played guitar for Centinex and Scar Symmetry).

“Only Human” may have a need for a little dose of adrenaline, but it’s still, at least, decent. If you like your Swedish death with your melodic metalcore then this is for you.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins