SOS - The Mob And The Limo Love Scam (3:16 Production) - Back
First off, I must explain that this CD isn't really metal. Its more punk then anything, there seems to be a little bit of hard rock, but not really metal. SOS, is not bad at the what they do though. I'm sure some of the punk fans out there would definitely enjoy this. The album isn't cleanly recorded, it seems it lacks a little on production, but a lot of punk is like that. Since my site is a metal site, I must review this CD from the metal point of view. Every so often you might encounter a hint of something heavy, but not enough to get a good metal rating. There are fourteen tracks on this CD, and it last for about thirty-six minutes; the average length song is a little over two and a half minutes. Once again perfect for punk, but not metal. I do listen to some punk, so I can get into a few songs, but nothing to write home about. If I was a full fledged punk fan then I'm sure I'd think more of this CD, but regretfully I don't. It's a little sloppy, not aggressive enough, and definitely not metal enough for my interest. Any punk fans out their check them out; metal fans stay away.

Rating: 54