Soul Destruction - Descend The Trend (Independent) - Back
The crossing of genres in music is nothing new, but the style that Soul Destruction uses seems to be more unique then others. They almost seem to be a hardcore/industrial/metal fusion type band, with some sort rhythmic base. Their songs do change from one to another, but they all keep good and heavy. Some parts seem similar to Soulfly if Trent Reznor was a part of their band. Soul Destruction does use some pretty good breakdowns, and some cool riffs. The first song starts of and sets a mood for this CD, "Descend The Trend." Iit leads it off quite nicely. My favorite songs on this CD include "A New Religion" and "Spiral Of Violence." The forth song, "Disgrace," isn't to bad either. As a whole, the five songs on this MCD last for nearly twenty minutes. It will be interesting to see where these guys go from here, but I'm all ears to hear it!

Rating: 79