Soul Less Divine - Dishonourable Suffering (Independent) - Back
The first thing that comes to mind when I gave this disc a spin was Deicide slowed down (although - this isn't exactly a dirge-like experience). Soul Less Divine dwell in London, but not England - Ontario, Canada! "Dishonourable Suffering" consists of 9 sweltering tracks with a running time reaching around 40 minutes. This demo of sorts is just flat-out guttural death metal aggression with very little harmony except for maybe the acoustic parts. I see a lot of bands doing this these days; I just hope bands don't start doing it for trend-sake. I like the acoustic stuff, though, and I also like the old-school death style mixed along with it. The production is a bit lacking, but it's pretty good considering the disc was recorded on a digital 4 track! You can definitely make more out of this than over 75% of the black metal population. The booklet artwork with the album is actually very good. Anyways, these guys aren't that bad at all. I'm sure if they get into a more professional studio and maybe get signed, they'll be able to bring it with the best of them! For fans of old-school death metal.

Rating: 72

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell