Sparrows Point - How Can You Blame Me? (Independent) - Back
An interesting mix of metal, hard rock and electronica make Sparrows Point what they are today. The band has been compared to bands like Alice Cooper, Kiss, Slipknot and Tool. As I was listening to the CD something made them sound like a weaker version of Marilyn Manson and Powerman 5000 combination. Some riffs are good and catchy but others seem almost childish, but more playful then anything. I don't know how much playfulness in metal is good, but the way Sparrows Point uses the tactic, the less serious I took the CD. This isn't a bad CD, its more of a CD on the line or near the line of being pleasing. The band did pump out a couple songs that I deem listen able and they include "Hungry" and "Brother." The overall sound of this act, doesn't quite meet the signed band category, but with a little more work they might be able to turn their twelve songs into something that the majority of people would like to listen too.

Rating: 67