Specter - Images Of The Innocent (Valiant Music Productions) - Back
Starting off this CD is an instrumental that, is perfect for an intro. Specter has a sound similar to Dream Theater, but possibly more atmosphere. It's like a cross between Dream Theater and Mental Home. A surprisingly good combination; a very progressive dark metal band. The vocals sound like a cross between Paul Dianno and a few other British metal singers. This CD has eleven songs that spans nearly fifty minutes. It's hard to pick out my favorite songs because all of them are decent. The second half of this album I enjoyed more then the first half. It almost seems like two different bands. There are two great instrumentals. "Sorcerer's Sight" and "Bloodlust" are almost poetic instrumentals they are so good. The songs "Light" and the last song "Sonata C Dur" are all together good songs too. Anyone into progressive music should check this out. There are some really good musicians on this CD. "Images Of The Innocent" is a strong album, I can't wait to hear more music by these guys. I was impressed my first time listening to them, and I'm sure I will be in store for more when these guys put out another album.

Rating: 86