Spellblast - Horns Of Silence (Independent) - Back
Spellblast originally formed in 1999, but kept the band from the public eye until they released their demo “Ray of Time” in 2004. “Horns Of Silence” is the band’s second release, but first studio album, and it’s one hell of a way to start their studio career. They are comparable to Blind Guardian, Rhapsody, Elvenking, and Finntroll. From the similarities with those bands you should be able to figure out that Spellblast are mainly power metal with dark folk accents. On thing is for sure, this album grows on you. I found it more appealing, the more I listened. I like the layers of music they weave together; they keep it vibrant and quite catchy. Among the layers they have galloping riffs, decent solos, blasting and rhythmic drums, singing power metal vocals (parts of the vocals remind me of Hansi Kursh), some death growls, and the key and synths add a lot of the music because of their variation. I believe most folk traits can be traced to the keys, though at times there appears to be a violinist too. A quantity of the parts are exceptional others are adequate. The lyrics are about mythical creatures, folklore, fantasy worlds and legend, great topics for a band of this type. There are guest vocals from Damnagoras of Elvenking fame on a few tracks, as well. The nine tunes and forty-seven minutes on “Horns Of Silence” were recorded at New Sin Studio (Labyrinth, Domine, White Skull, Elvenking). Overall it has a good production quality, nothing lacking in that department. Not bad at all for a first full-length, but with a few more quality elements, this could have been exceptional.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins