Spellgate – Legends Of Ardigm (Independent) - Back
Winter 2001 saw the birth of a new band called Spellgate. This project is not made up of traditional metal band instruments. Synthesizers are the main instruments besides the voices of the two members. They consider themselves synth metal with a fantasy theme. I can see that, as well as music towards an industrial doom sound. Their music has a very noticeable synthetic sound that makes their music have a cheap resonance. Also, the levels need to be mixed better; they don’t seem to have the right balance. Both those things can be improved on, and might make the band sound more like a female version of Mortiis. There wasn’t any song that I particularly liked, but there are some nice elements in all of the songs. The beautiful female vocals help save the band. This CD doesn’t have that much length but it does include three songs and almost twelve minutes of music.

Rating: 60