Spellgate - Exodus (Independent) - Back
Folk, Industrial, Gothic will all come to mind when you listen to Spellgate’s debut album “Exodus.” It’s kind of weird when folk and industrial metal are mixed together; it gave me a confused feeling. And this confusing sound doesn’t hold together entirely well. Wow, I really don’t know what to think. There is a certain cheesiness that ruins this CD. If this album could get produced by better means, then this could be respectable. On the better side of this disc there are amazing female vocals, by far the best element of the band, almost to the caliper of Liv Kristine. “Exodus” is very atmospheric, and the band knows how to create a feeling as such. There are respectable folky and industrial parts as well, but I don’t think they work together. The way its sandwiched together doesn’t work for me. Also, I wish you could hear the guitar more. The levels are to low and under-produced. Not to mention they are drowned out in parts. Overall, there really isn’t a track that struck me…only parts were good. The most redeemable track is “Najaeti Star.” “Exodus” is an interesting start for this band. It seems unorganized and confusing, but they have a fresh idea. They need to mold this into something more tame and structured.

Rating: 59