Spirit Disease - Redemption Denied (Vortex Motions/Two Fat Men) - Back
“Redemption Denied” is a seven track MCD from Spirit Disease, that last for almost 18 minutes, but really it’s only 6 songs. It would seem to me that they like the Swedish death sound, even though they hail from Finland. The band is a mix of death, thrash, and grindcore influences, but the vocals are very much like At The Gates. Musically they combine At The Gates, Soilwork, God Dethroned, and Witchery. This disc is filled with great metal riffing…shredding thrash riffs, brutal grindcore riffs, powerful Swedish death riffs and rhythmically heavy brutal death riffs, it’s all there. Tons of fast paced riffs, and blast beats. It would seem that every song has at least one exceptional riff. Also you can’t forget about the sweet solos and captivating leads. Anyway you look at it, “Redemption Denied” is brutal, aggressive, melodic, energetic, and it belongs in your metal collection!

Rating: 86