State:Chaos - Ashes Of Misery (Independent) - Back
State:Chaos is from the Netherlands and their promo “Ashes Of Misery” shows just what direction the band is taking. With less than a year together they wrote and recorded eleven tracks, four of which end up on this promo. A rather calm intro starts off the disc, which is quite peaceful with some metallics. Though it’s more of an instrumental than an intro, and it bleeds into the second track. Now the blood starts to flow thrash, speed, and Scandinavian death metal. Most of State:Chaos’ creations are a mid to fast paced adventure, with many elements working well together. The guitars are pretty aggressive. I like how the melodic riffs dance, the speed riffs schred, and the thrash riffs pack a punch. The solos are quality and almost have the passion of Dimebag Darrell. Vocals are a yelling death type with some growls. Could be a little louder at times in my opinion. The solid drumming is by Martijn who is also in Desensitised. The second guitarist added to the band was Rocco formally of Callenish Circle and Form. State:Chaos sound pretty tight on their CD “Ashes Of Misery” and the music builds until it ends. All tracks are at least decent but the title track is the strongest. The next time they release something I bet they are signed!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins